Social Media Marketing for Window Cleaners

As window cleaning service provider, having a website is not enough and even local marketing is not enough. You need to get ahead of the game by going viral through social media networks. In this age of internet and technology, remaining stuck in traditional methods would make you lose in the competition.

Social media marketing has remained popular in recent years, which changed how service providers and customers interact with each other on the Internet. Companies use social networking media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter on a daily basis so they can interact with millions of customers worldwide.

We understand the importance of social media and your need for such service thus we provide guaranteed social media marketing best for your window cleaning business. We know that while you are busy managing your business you will not have enough time managing your social media network – this is where we come in. We created a program, which will update your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts for you.

Considering that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most popular social media sites today, we will focus in these areas even though you don’t have to use all the tools provided. Through our social networking system, we offer complete marketing methods that include social media management, optimization and engagement in your social media profiles.

What Does Social Media Marketing Include?

We will create online profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for you. In addition, we will set up a customized company branded graphics for your accounts. We will manage status updates on Facebook and Twitters or upload testimonials, useful information and images. If necessary, we will integrate a blog into your website to boost up traffic. Since blogs are part of marketing, we will also publish blog posts into your blog and promote them using your company’s social network accounts. Furthermore, we will also interact with your customers by responding to their comments and replying to updates as necessary. You will also get a promotional video of your window cleaning service and publish it in YouTube. These are the services we can provide and a lot more – if you allow us to.

Social media marketing for window cleaners allow your business to spread the word at virtually no cost so customers and prospects would know that you exist and inform them of what you can do. It will also give you an opportunity to boost up your sales as your customers recommend you to their friends. Social media networks are also a good place where you can provide customer service because it is easy to access.