Pay to Promote Your Content? You Bet!

Since there is no argument that now is the age of content marketing, the question then turns into how can we have our content noticed among the sea of competing voices out there?

It’s no easy task. It used to be simple and easy, but not so anymore. These days, unless you have a huge list or have established authority in your market, you’re going to need to make an effort to be heard.

One way people are getting their content viewed and shared is by the use of something called paid social promotion. You may not have heard of this before, so let’s define it and see exactly what it can do for us.

Exactly what is paid social promotion?

Paid social promotion is the strategy of running social media ads to content you want traffic to or have otherwise noticed. The advent of social networks like Facebook and others has made it very easy to generate an incredibly wider reach than you might be capable of yourself, nearly instantly, and for a very minimal investment. In fact, often times these ads pay for themselves several times over, often before the bill comes due!

Which social platforms should I use?

There are lots of avenues to explore with paid social ads, but we’ll focus on four that most marketers have at least a passing acquaintance with.


Facebook ads are the top platform to work with at this time, for just about any purpose. The targeting capabilities alone, especially when combined with the prospect of being able to reach a vast audience not yet your own is very enticing. In addition to that, the ad platform itself is very easy to use, and can be very cost-effective.


Promoted Tweets work very well for this sort of promotion, and you are able to target prospects by keyword and who they follow.


LinkedIn is coming on fast, and their Sponsored Updates can work quite nicely, particularly if you are a B2B.


Reddit is loaded with rabid users, and using the niche ad option on their ad platform is the best choice here. This can send an avalanche of traffic in a short time!