About Us

About Us

Window Cleaning is not a people’s favorite chore, which is why they are looking for companies that will handle that for them. This might become a problem for those who do not know where and how to look.

We are here for you.

Being a Window Cleaner Directory, it is the sole reason of our existence. It is our responsibility to help clients find the right local window cleaning business. We focus primarily in providing the best list or directory for customers. From here, we worked with various experts in the window cleaning industry so we can develop the directory as a customer-oriented list. We offer local window cleaning businesses the opportunity to get listed on our online directory so customers can reach establishments that are found within the community. As a result, we offer you the most comprehensive list of local businesses online.

What separates us from other online directories?

  1. User-friendly website interface. Our online directory for window cleaners is uncluttered and easy to navigate. You won’t get annoyed by popups or flashing banner ads that would spam unrelated advertising. Our competitors are packed with these little annoying things that it becomes hard to distinguish the real directory content from the ads or to separate the important content from what’s not. The interface will only show you the information you need.
  2. Category-specific business profile design. The information you get is specific to categories and the business profile is filled with useful data. Local businesses listed on the same category will have the same profile so it becomes easy to compare their services with one another. This helps you find local businesses much faster – because you are looking exactly at a category that has everything you need. There is no need to browse a thousand companies on window cleaning if you can sort through them easier through categories.
  3. Easily accessible and interactive. It can be frustrating and disappointing to reach online window cleaning companies but through us you can always reach via phone or email. Our staff will answer the phone for you and will respond to your emails – no crafted, annoying operator.
  4. Comprehensive business profile. Apart from category specific, we also provide comprehensive business profile that will include information like company services, working hours, payment options, sample images and videos, location through maps and promotional deals or offers.

That being said, we can provide you information not found in others especially when you are looking for local window cleaning service providers.